Our story

Charbie is a Malaysian kids and baby clothing brand founded in 2023 by Malaysian designer Leon Cheong.

The name of the Charbie brand comes from the name of the doll of the founder Leon's younger brother.

Charbie is fun, colorful Clothing for "run kids". Our idea is to dress our children in a comfortable and authentic way and stop dressing kids as little dolls with ribbons and ruffles!

Wearing Charbie, kids can behave like “run kids”, running around and getting dirty!

Our brand philosophy is a brand that "creates sustainable fashion", and we focus on kids, fun, natural and organic materials.

We are bringing fair, ethical and sustainable practices to the fashion industry, while also caring about the wellbeing of young children around the world. Hope to change the pollution of fast fashion, benefit the world and give children a better future.

Charbie is temporarily available in sizes 0-3 years.