Masculine and Feminine Energies

Written by CharMelodi

There are laws of energy that govern the universe. The most basic and fundamental of these principles is the masculine & feminine energies. These two energies are complimentary, not opposites. Think of the yin & yang symbol. Each side has a little of the opposite side within it. This is universal balance; innerstanding that everything is connected and must be appropriated wisely. The masculine energy has its specific uses, as does the feminine. When you dwell in the “now moment” you utilize the perfect combination of each energy to achieve your desired results.

These two energies are the foundation building blocks of creation. It has become clear that we do not know enough about these energies and their primary functions. Learning more about these fundamentals is necessary in order to utilize them to create our realities. This is the reason the information is kept from us; if we understood our power to create using these energies in conjunction with our imagination, we’d be unstoppable! And, un-slave-able.

The masculine aspect of the creative process is the thrust, or desire, to create. The masculine act is to cause energy to localize into a new form. The masculine is characterized by action; to act, to do, and to make things happen. From a consciousness perspective, masculinity & femininity has nothing to do with a male or female body other than the reproductive organs themselves for the way they physically function when they perform. Masculinity itself is centered around making things happen and it sets the blueprint for the creation which it desires to experience.

masculine feminine

Our desires come from our mind and therefore the masculine is represented by mind and what the mind thinks. The masculine is mental and seeks to control how things are created. Moreover, there are desires embedded in the feelings we have, whether or not a mind is present to be aware of such desire. Hunger is a good example, we can feel hunger and the desire to eat as a very young child before we are consciously aware that we are hungry. The masculine creative aspect is not always found in the mind. It is still seen as a mental characteristic because before anything happens physically, you have to desire it mentally.

As mentioned, the role of the masculine is to thrust the creation into the manifestation. It is inventive and is concerned with making something from nothing. The masculine impregnates the feminine and causes creation to begin to form. It does this by getting the energy to flow into a thought, a seed or a blueprint. This can be seen in its most basic form through pregnancy. The man creates seeds or sperm, and it connects with the woman to give her the blueprint of his desired creation. The feminine energy is then tasked with bringing about all of the materials to nurture the creation to life, in order to fulfill the desire of the masculine energy.

This leads us to the feminine creative aspect, which is the flow of energy in response to the situation created by the masculine act. The feminine energy flows to create the experience for the intent or desire of the masculine; therefore the feminine aspect is the answer/feedback to the masculines outward thrust. The feminine energy is the nurturing and sustaining aspect of consciousness; it holds the form of the new creation in such a way that the new creation is allowed to grow and unfold according to its own nature/desire. The feminine supplies the energy according to the thought or mold or blueprint supplied by the masculine. Again we see this clearly with pregnancy. The feminine aspect or woman holds the baby inside of herself and feeds the creation all of the necessary materials in order for the baby to grow according to its own nature/desire. The feminine energy becomes one with the creation, just as the fetus in the womb feeds of the mother until it is born. She and the fetus are one, and this is the reason that the feminine energy will always be seen and experienced as giving more than the masculine energy.

The feminine tends to focus on feelings and willingly surrenders to the creative process and allows it to happen. It is not controlling and is open to the subtle feelings and sensations without the interference of the mind. Since the feminine act corresponds to the flow of energy, the feminine is represented by the heart and what one feels. The feminine aspect nurtures and sustains the creation as it is and accepts it for what it is. Therefore, the feminine creative aspect is experienced through the heart. It is in the heart that one surrenders to the flow of energy.

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So in lay mans terms, the masculine is the thought or the intent and the feminine is the creation or the effect of the intent. The masculine energy holds a thought and focuses attention on this thought. The feminine energy is the flow of energy that is created in response to the masculine act/thought. The feminine will nourish and create what the masculine desires. The masculine energy is represented by the mind and the feminine energy is represented by the heart. The masculine controls and forces action, the feminine follows the control and allows the action. The masculine is outward and external, the feminine is inward and internal. The masculine energy is aroused by the feminine energy and protects it. The feminine energy is responsive to the masculine energy and allows it to invent create the blueprint for whatever it desires.

The whole universe is built upon this fundamental aspect of creation. The Source of energy had a desire to create something. This was the masculine or yang energy coming forth. The thrust of the masculine to create its desire caused a separation from the Source, and the separation created a tension. To ease this tension, the feminine or yin energy came forth to respond to the desire of the masculine act. This is the yin yang symbol. These energies are two aspects of one energy. That is how EVERYTHING here in the physical came to be, there is a duality to the world that must be acknowledged and meditated upon to achieve true balance.

The left side of the brain corresponds to masculine attributes and the right side of the brain corresponds to feminine attributes. In order to fully realize ones purpose in life, you must explore yourself and study your own habits. Do you tend to have more masculine attributes, or more feminine? Once you recognize your imbalance, you begin a path of self mastery where you level out these balances and make everything neutral. In this aspect, you realizes that masculine and feminine energies are both necessary to create your reality and you must know when to utilize each energy. Each energy can form into the other, which is why we see a small circle of the opposite energies present in the yin yang symbol. They are one in the same, but separated when its necessary to create something physical.

I can use myself for an example. I am a very masculine woman. My thoughts are very linear, controlled, and I am always inventing new ways to do the same thing. I can ignore my feelings very easily, and I tend to calculate things that should not be calculated. I also can hurt other peoples feelings very easily by being too straight-forward and blunt. Recognizing my own imbalance, I have begin to be less mental and controlling all of the time, and instead have learned how to dwell in my feelings and surrender to the process. I am learning how to follow the lead of someone else as opposed to always being the leader and how to accept situations and people for what they are and love them for what they are, as oppose to always trying to make them better. I will always be a masculine individual, as is my creative makeup; but I am learning how to evolve into a more balanced individual simply by stepping outside of my comfort zone and experiencing something new.

Once you recognize which energy you tend to use most and begin to level out your energy and balance yourself between the mind and the heart; you can look at others around you and recognize which energy they utilize most. I know when I’m talking to a masculine or a feminine person right off the bat, now that I have a firm grasp of the characteristics of each energy. Now I know how to act and react in any situation, with any type of person, and I can maintain a balanced productive environment at all times.

Yin & Yang

I leave you with an analogy. If you have ever seen the comic X-men, consider the relationship between Professor X, Magneto and Raven/Mystique. When Raven (the feminine aspect) is with Professor X (the masculine aspect) she takes on a good character that responds to Professor X’s intent which is unity and balance between the humans and the X-men. When she goes to Magneto (the masculine aspect) however, her actions change because the masculine intent/desire changes. This is when she becomes Mystique, and she joins in with Magneto in the war against the humans. The feminine energy morphed from Raven to Mystique, according to the masculine intent/desire from Professor X or Magneto. Each masculine aspect has his own intent, and Raven/Mystique was able to respond and create the reality for either one. Perfect example of how masculine and feminine energies interact.

Are you predominately masculine or feminine? Are you a good mix of both? Do you have gender identity issues because your energy doesn’t seem to match your physical body? Do you attract predominately masculine or feminine people? These are all excellent questions to assist you on your path to self mastery!Share this article with your friends & discuss your character traits amongst yourselves, the insights are sure to be useful 😉
Many more gems awaiting you in my DollHouse.. -CharBie


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