You are Energy – Charge Up!

Written by CharMeLoDi

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; instead, it transforms from one form to another. As we awaken to the new information & energies that are pouring down on the planet (shout out to natures organic grid and, the internet) it is becoming increasingly apparent that WE are energy first, and flesh second. We are not just our bodies and it seems we’ve always known this subconsciously. Somehow we seem to innately know that the body is a shell; we even say things like ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ without fully comprehending the gravity of such statement.

The true you, at your most basic level is invisible. Creative, formless, boundless energy. This is usually referred to as the spirit/soul. Energy is not visible to the human eye but nevertheless present, and is the cornerstone for all physical manifestations. Not being able to see it does not mean it is not there (just like air).

You pick up on energy all the time without realizing it. Maybe someone close to you feels down and you can sense that something is wrong. Perhaps someone is starring at you and you can sort of feel them starring so you look back at them. You might walk in a room and think to yourself ‘this is awesome, good vibes!’ or ‘somethings not right, I need to get out of here!’

There is a hierarchy here in the physical dimension that we are all aware of on some level, be it consciously or unconsciously. Things begin in the invisible realm before they manifest into the visible realm. You may think to yourself ‘I want to go to the store’ and then you set the energy in motion to make that happen. You go to get your car keys, ignite the engine and drive to your destination. The trip to the store did not begin with the physical action of getting the car keys, however. The trip began once you had the thought to go to the store. The thought was the invisible/unseen cause, and its effects are visible/felt.

Considering life from this dynamic completely changes the ‘life’ game. It makes quantum physics make perfect sense. The ‘wave-function’ that quantum physics speak about is simply showing us that waves of energy condense or become particles once a physical observer is present. Matter has both wave and particle capabilities, which clues us in on a well kept secret – physical life is a hologram, a condensation of the mind. We’re able to experience the density of physical life because in our original form, we are energy. We are the energy that makes physical life possible. We are the observe and the observed. We are both invisible energy and physical bodies at the same time.

God or Supreme Being or Source Energy is immovable. The indivisible. The unshakable. Because it is energy. Something that is, was and all ways will be. As god imagines and desires to create new things, the waves of energy set in motion and transform into particles that correspond to the frequency being sent out.

The mind is the medium between the invisible and the visible. Thoughts are shared among all of us; kind of like the cloud used to pool data & resources for computers. It’s important to know that all of your thoughts are not your ‘own’. The body acts as an antenna and you pick up on thoughtforms/waves according to your bodies vibration or energy levels. With a thought, the observer can transform into the observed. This is why auditing and observing your thoughts without judging them is a key component for spiritual growth.

Seeing as we are energy first and fleshly bodies second, it only stands to reason that WE, are gods. We are all different waves of energy resonating from the same source; the same well of infinite energies. We take different physical forms according to our energies filter/frequency (different star systems) and these filters will govern how much energy we have access to and what our purpose will be in physical life. While we may have differing personal missions and karma to attend to; our overall objective in this world will always be the same – to create!

Be the creator or creatress that you were designed to be. Think of your body as your energy or our soul, flipped inside out. Its a map for you to discover what your utility purpose is while you’re alive in your current incarnation and the more you cultivate, restore and realign the body, the more your soul can permeate the fleshly vessel and create the things you were designed to create to bring balance & harmony to the physical plane, or gods imagination station.

Spend time alone, in silence. The language of the soul is silent. Meditation (remaining in the now moment, without thoughts taking you away from the moment) should be coupled with prayers. Meditation is right brain/feminine/passive while prayer is left brain/masculine/active. Both are necessary to collapse the duality of physical life and become a bridge walker who not only downloads the energies from the planet/stars/sun but also uploads their own intent or creations into the reality to change it for better or worse.

Take a break from the ceaseless distractions of today’s world to simply observe the silence. Re-member yourself. You are energy. Charge up!