The Body is a Vehicle of Consciousness

Written by CharMelodi

I’ve always had body identity issues growing up, I mean who hasn’t? We live in a time where certain body types are glorified and others are vilified. Growing up as thin as I am was so scressful bro. Everybody & they grandma had something to say about my size and as a result I grew very self conscious and extremely weary of my body. I felt like my arms and legs were too long, my torso too short and my lips too big. Not to mention black. Before I ever rolled up my first swisher sweet at age 19, people repeatedly asked if I smoked. Greaaaat.

I have never been over 110 pounds. Everyone acted as if that was SUCH a problem, so I used to over eat. I’d eat maybe six times a day and I’d sleep 14-16 hours so that my body could burn off all the toxins I’d consume. It was really wasteful and I never much cared about not having any weight on my bones but everyone around me made it seem like I was foolish for not caring so I made every attempt to conform. Imagine that.

Suddenly in 2011 my body seemed to have reached its threshold and began rejecting my wasteful eating habits. I started throwing up the hot dogs and the pizza pockets as soon as it touched my stomach. I thought to myself, hmmm thats strange but I attempted to brush it off. Once I began throwing up my favorite sausage McGriddles I grew rather concerned and decided to research some of the ingredients in the “foods” I was eating.

I was mortified.

The amount of foolishness I had been eating was completely asinine, from preservatives to artificial food dyes back to meats treated with growth hormones and carbon monoxide – I was so done. I lived alone at the time and I remember crying my eyes out and asking my body to forgive me for treating it so horribly. Here my body was, trying to give me the best of this life experience and all the while I’m tossing back chemicals I can’t pronounce out of sheer ignorance.

This was my bodily wake-up call!

The first thing I did was start researching where my organs were located and what their exact functions were. The information boggled my mind because I REALLY felt like I had been deceived. Everywhere I turned there was some sort of advertisement or commercial or promotion for all of these designer clothes, shoes and makeups but NOTHING to promote inner health and wellness. Cue my conspiracy eyes. I also noticed that EVERYONE was eating the same things from the same places and me being a natural born hipster I was immediately turned off. How I look eating poptarts when lil Ray Ray ‘nem be eating poptarts – aren’t I smarter than them? Don’t I have more sense than the masses?!

(HELL YEAH) Apparently not.

If you ask the average person where the liver is located in the body they probably have no idea. If you ask about one of the livers 400 functions, I’ll bet that the most they’ll be able to tell you is that drinking alcohol “allegedly” impairs liver function. I used to be in the same boat, completely ignorant to all of the work that my organs put in behind the scenes to make sure that I woke up in the morning. Detestable.

It was during this time that I decided I needed to eat healthier and stop worrying so much about my bodily image – clearly I had been groomed to worry about the wrong thing. What good would a couple of pounds on my hips and thighs do for me if my pancreas is two Arizona Iced Tea’s away from giving up on life? Not a lick of good. I stopped eating pork and beef almost immediately. The animal flesh just didn’t taste as good coming back up as it did going down. Next I let go of the dirty bird, the flightless fail that people candidly refer to as chicken. Is it a coincidence that the word chicken sounds so close to kitchen? Its literally one letter off bro. Let me get my conspiracy eyes from a few paragraphs up and place them HERE.

The last and hardest thing for me to give up was salmon. I loved eating it, the texture was so comfortable to my mouth piece. But, upon further review, I realized salmon is like the pig of the sea and its farm raised and GMO and basically none of it is wild caught, SO. Cancel Christmas on that. My body wanted no parts in the foolishness.

I felt the changes in my body within a few weeks and boy was I loving it. My bowel movements were MUCH easier, I had quadruple the energy levels and I would only sleep for 8 to 10 hours instead of 16. I began cleansing at the end of 2013, about 2 years into being vegan. I was a bad vegan at the time, more like a starchatarian. I would sneak breads here and there, eat plenty of nuts, beans and potatoes and my food combinations were total trash. I was making every effort to do better though and the universe knew I needed that extra kick to get my organs (or chakras, same difference) back in alignment so they sent me my sweetest, most wonderful Mama Khemmy; owner and operator of Heal Thy Self 360 which is a Private Membership Association specializing in herbal remedies, detoxes, and teas.

I took my first parasite cleanse in December 2013 and the clarity that came with evacuating my bowels was truly astounding. Physically, mentally and spiritually I felt refreshed. It was as if the fog in my mind began to clear up. It was during this time that I realized the intestines look similar to the brain for a reason. The colon is literally the second brain and when its clogged – so are your thoughts. I had years of debris in my colon, just lurking on my intestinal walls; reabsorbing toxins into my system and deteriorating my body slowly but deliberately.

Detoxing helped me realize what the body TRULY is. Its a house of sorts, a momentary container for my soul/energy. The body is a light receptacle. As beings of light energy, we occupy these fleshly vehicles for only a season and when its over the body returns to the dust from which it came. The body is the soul flipped inside out. Your soul would never enter into a physical dimension such as this one without giving itself some sort of map or reminder of what its true purpose is. When you look in the mirror, you’re seeing a reflection of the map that you created for yourself to make sure that you completed your mission and didn’t get stuck here in this matrix of illusions, re-incarnating and wasting away lifetimes in ignorance and delusion.

Buuut … when you trash your body, it can’t do its job. Imagine taking a map and pouring paint all over it, and then trying to use it to get to Dallas from Houston. If you can’t see what route you need to get to Dallas then you’re stuck in place, not fulfilling your mission because your map is illegible. Thats whats going on with like, 95% of people today. They have no idea that the body is here to remind us of where we come from and where we’re going next. The organs/chakras are timeless bodies of energy that resonate frequencies specifically for your soul/energy to occupy and utilize for your soul’s maximum benefit. When you cleanse and repair your organs you re-member your divine purpose and start attracting the experiences and lessons necessary to achieve your goals. We all came here for a reason, but few people live on purpose and the (not so) obvious reason is that it has become commonplace to treat our bodies like trash.

People are overly concerned with the appearance of the body and couldn’t care less about the inner workings of the body. This is a fatal mistake. Then these same people want sympathy when their organs cease to function in their natural capacities, never realizing that they did it to themselves. After years of ingesting unknown chemicals, of course the organs go offline and cell growth becomes irregular and systems in the multidimensional flesh suit go awry. No sympathy from me folks, you won’t catch me at the cancer walk. Sorry, not sorry.

Instead of making people aware of how precious and intricate and delicate the body is – people spend all of their time policing the body. This adds insult to injury if you ask a young nudist such as myself. As soon as I figured out how amazing my body is and how wrong I’d been this whole time – I started modeling nude. I had always wanted to model but I felt clothes looked retarded on me (because they do for the most part) and shedding my layers of ignorance about the body freed my soul like no other. I started sharing my nude art and that alone was pretty stupid because people are stupid so, I no longer freely share my work.

I’ll be damned if a bunch of fools with half eroded livers and clogged arteries tell me what to do with my body. I don’t care what people think about my body anymore either, I mean what does your opinion have to do with the price of tea in China? NOTHING.

Luckily for myself, I grew up to realize that I have to respect the laws of the land and the times that we’re in. We’re not in the times where we can walk around freely and enjoy each others fleshly vehicles in all of their wonder, glory & splendor. In general, the people in today’s world are over stimulated, oversexed and misinformed. A person will curse me & call me a tramp for walking around topless while they chow down on hot pockets and chase it with grape soda. Ridiculous.

Learn the functions of your organs and I promise you, you won’t be waiting on any of these fictional religious characters to come save you because you’ll have the tools to save your DAMN self! My apologies, I was doing so good at not using any colorful language. If you know me, you know I like to cut up every now & again. Perhaps I’ll post these thoughts with one of my nude art captures, just for shits and giggles.

Take care of your body, inside AND out. It’s your car. When your car crashes, you’re outta here & we might miss you for a minute but ultimately we’ll forget about you like we do everything else.