charbie .

your servant’s servant .

It begins…

This woman is a natural healer with quite an enchanting mystique that surrounds her. She seems to sprinkle a trail of fairy dust everywhere she goes; leaving people around the globe wanting for more. Charbie has always had a way with words that spans back to her reading stories to her kindergarten class. She has honed these skills over her lifetime, crafting herself into a prolific speaker, teacher and storyteller. Charbie sings with the voice of an angel, she speaks with the clarity of a wise woman and shes quite the voice actor on several radio shows, podcasts and animations. When she’s not seducing people with her most delightful diction; she’s posing for high fashion and fine art photography. Charbie is the ultimate muse and her beauty transcends the definition of beautiful.

Phenomenal Photoshoots

Best Kept Secret

You cannot see what you don’t look for and you cannot look for what you don’t believe in.
Charbie is the cosmic flower that unfolds into a graceful poise that leaves you breathless in rolling fields of wonderment.
Enjoy her metamorphic sounds that open the mind and massage the heart.